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Joyce Manor

—Falling in Love Again


Thanks for showing me around last night. Hope you don’t think I don’t care. ‘Cause I do I just don’t know if I should feel this bad about you.

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when people ask you what ur gonna do with ur life and ur like


i donno

but you do know and in ur head ur like


fuck bitches and get money what da fuck you think

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—Speaking With A Ghost


Overnight I fell apart, I used to wonder where you’ve been, or where you were. I threw my face against the wall so I won’t wonder where you’ve been, or where you are, and how you’re making out.

And I went and spent that week trying to find you out, every night it feels the same, and I went and spent those nights driving by myself, every night it feels the same.


The Red Wings earn four points in two days against the Maple Leafs in a home & home series. Henrik Zetterberg sealed the deal last night in overtime. #zetterheart (Dan Mannes & Dave Reginek - Detroit Red Wings)

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—Force Of Neglect


Force Of Neglect - Incendiary

Society accepts this force of neglect
The marginalized and weak, those without a voice to speak
You killed the very person that you swore to protect


—Better Way


Turnstile - Better Way

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—Hard To Find


Because this is what you’ll back on

It will cut right through the laughs and all the fun

When you were kicked back waiting for the days to end

Just hanging out with your friends

but sometimes things aren’t so easy

Sometimes you have got to choose between what is simple

And what you know is right

To prove that “you can count on me

Was what you meant

When you spoke up to write the chapter

On who you are in your heart

when we were so in love with pretty words

Like loyalty, and unity, this is your legacy

where will you be?

It is really hardly ever that we are tested

Never mind asked to shine

But is there any time more important

Then when we’re called upon to be there for a friend?

Friends - they say it’s what makes the best defense

What this really comes down to

Is a war within yourself

Face to face with a thousand places that you would rather be

And what you chose is gonna bind you to this time

Friends - they say it’s what makes the best defense

And we are all gonna get fucked up sometimes

No one makes it through this shit unharmed

The key is finding the ones worth fighting for

And standing for

And bleeding for

Were you there or did you run?